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Generic versus Brand

General Information on Sildenafil citrate

In order to appreciate the characteristics of Sildenafil citrate, one must first gain a clear understanding of the term "active ingredients." The active ingredients in any medication are the chemicals that allow the medication to perform as expected. The active ingredients in a sleeping pill cause the person taking the pill to fall asleep. The active ingredients in meds help the body to do away with headache pain.

Sildenafil citrate has the same active ingredients as the brand name Sildenafil. Because it has the same active ingredients, it acts on the body in the same way as the brand Sildenafil. The biochemical changes caused by Sildenafil citrate are no different from the biochemical changes caused by the brand-name Sildenafil.

Sildenafil citrate acts on the same biochemical pathways as the brand-name Sildenafil. Moreover, the power of the active ingredients in Sildenafil citrate equals the power of the active ingredients in the brand-name Sildenafil. In other words, the generic and brand name Sildenafil have an identical strength.

Sildenafil has grown in popularity because it is easy to take. It is a pill, a pill that one can just pop in the mouth. Sildenafil citrate has the same method of administration as the brand-name Sildenafil. Sildenafil citrate requires use of a dosage level identical to the dosage prescribed for brand-name Sildenafil. The taking of Sildenafil citrate does not require an increase or decrease in the quantity of Sildenafil, in order to obtain a desirable drug performance.

Sildenafil citrate differs from brand-name Sildenafil in two inconsequential ways. First, Sildenafil citrate does not have the same inactive ingredients as the brand-name Sildenafil. Second, Sildenafil citrate does not look exactly like the brand-name Sildenafil. Sildenafil citrate might, for example, have a color that differs from the color of the brand-name Sildenafil. By the same token, Sildenafil citrate could have an added flavor, a flavor not found in the brand-name Sildenafil.

There is one important way that Sildenafil citrate stands apart from brand-name Sildenafil. The generic brand of any drug is always less expensive than the brand-name version of the same product. The makers of the brand-name product would like to have consumers believe that the Sildenafil citrate does not come from a quality production facility. The makers of the brand-name product suggest that the lower price indicates an inferior product.

Such is not the case. The Sildenafil citrate has a lower price, because it has had no development costs. The Sildenafil citrate has not required a large investment in time and money, an investment in the research that then led to development of Sildenafil, the brand-name Sildenafil now on store shelves.

Another thing that has lowered the cost of the Sildenafil citrate is competition. U.S. patent protection laws do not cover manufacture of a drug beyond the 20 years after submission of the patent. As the FDA seeks to validate the production methods for Sildenafil citrate in the U.S., drug companies in other countries have chosen to use the availability of online sales. Competition between online stores lowers the price for Sildenafil citrate.


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