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About impotence

What do you know about impotence?

What exactly is impotence? Are the roots of this ailment mental... physical... or a combination of both? The mistaken diagnosis can influence a man's health and psyche! So is it right to call somebody an impotent if his penis can't maintain an erection? On the other hand, could he still be at full strength?

Impotence. From a man's point of view, the very mention of the word can cause him to shudder. Although there are many more euphonic epithets describing this term ("male weakness," "can't get it up, "a soldier who won't salute," etc.), the essence is the same - the man cannot perform his natural function in life: find a mate, get her pregnant, and continue to propagate the human race.

According to the definition in the Big Medical Encyclopedia, impotence (from the Latin "Impotentia" - weakness, powerlessness) is an absence of a male penis erection, which causes failure or difficulty to enter the vagina during coitus.

It is difficult to find a more exact and laconic definition that would characterizes an extreme degree of erectile infringement when coitus is impossible for the man theoretically.

For a long time the diagnosis of impotence has been applied to all the men who had complaints about decrease in duration and strength of erection.

However, there were (and there are) patients who could maintain an erection but its strength was not enough for a normal coition. In other words, these people are not impotent per se, but also are not completely healthy. And a mistaken medical diagnosis leads to defective treatment.

Be aware that there can be some side-effects when using Sildenafil citrate. As a rule, the majority of these side-effects: blurry vision, slight nausea or increased heart palpitation are not hazardous to one's health and have a short-term effect. However, only your doctor can estimate the threat of side-effects and that is why he is the first step in you receiving a Sildenafil citrate prescription

In addition, during special sociological research it was discovered that there were many more male patients who had a weak erection than those who had not any erection at all.

That's why several years ago at a joint European congress of andrologists, urologists, psychologists, sexologists and other experts in male sexuality, a new term describing erectile infringement was presented - erectile dysfunction. This new term has been embraced by the press and media and is used to cover a wide spectrum of male problems. It is also a mainstay term in virtually every article on the subject being published in the pages of popular scientific literature.

So what is the difference between erectile dysfunction and impotence? Erectile dysfunction means a pathological state, which is characterized by a decrease in the quality of the erection in males and, as a consequence, causes difficulty or failure in achieving coitus (i.e. putting a penis in the vagina and maintenance of a normal strength of erection long enough to complete a natural coition).

Thus, it is obvious that impotence is the extreme form of erectile dysfunction development. In other words, the term erectile dysfunction is wider than impotence and it means all infringements (i.e. dysfunctions) of erectile abilities of a penis.


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