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Statistics argues for great demand for Sildenafil

Statistics argues for great demand for Sildenafil citrate

One out of five males man suffers from erectile dysfunction, which can be the first symptom hinting at future diseases in the cardiovascular system. These are the conclusions based on a study of more than 2000 American males. The research, conducted at California University in Los Angeles revealed that 6.5 % of men in the age of 20 to 30 years suffer from erectile dysfunction. Those aged 75 years and older make up three quarters or 75% of sufferers. That's the information culled from a variety of studies conducted on the causes of erectile dysfunctions.

Erectile dysfunction means an often-repeating absence of erection or such quality of erection that is not sufficient for maintaining normal coitus. However, because of the delicacy of the problem it is difficult to estimate how many men have it.

According to the results of research conducted by the British Board of Physicians, it was concluded that nearly 2.3 million British men suffer from erectile dysfunction from which 5 % are men aged 40 to 50, and 25 % are those of 65 years or senior.

Meanwhile research conducted in USA has shown that there are many more men suffering from erectile dysfunction than previously thought -- 18.4 % of adult men.

Researchers singled out adiposity, increased pressure, smoking and diabetes as the factors raising the risk of erectile dysfunction occurrence. In addition, it was revealed that Latin American men suffer from erectile dysfunctions almost twice more often than their American counterparts. In fact, a percentage of sufferers of erectile dysfunction in the US are probably Hispanic men living abroad.

Two other important studies have shown a correlation between sexual problems and the presence of chronic diseases in the male. Scientists assume that erectile dysfunction can be a kind of warning in the body that the person will also experience other health problems in the future.

Clinical research of scientists at Chicago University has shown that men with erectile dysfunction can suffer from heavier forms of coronary illness of heart, than those who do not have problems with a sexual potency. The men suffering erectile dysfunction have cardiac diseases, diabetes and suffer from high blood pressure more often.

Scientists say that the analysis and monitoring of sexual functions can be useful for the evaluation of the risks of male patients suffering from coronary cardiac disease.

Another study that was carried out among Canadian men who requested ambulatory assistance revealed that more than half of them had erectile dysfunction, which was accompanied by cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, risk of cardiac diseases development and an increase in a level of sugar in blood.

Researchers feel that doctors can learn a lot about the sexual health of a person (and the general condition of a man's health) based on the information culled from a simple check-up or cardiogram. New drugs developed for the treatment of erectile dysfunction released in the late 1990's became the reason of that the number of the American men with complaints about their health has increased nearly 50 %.

152 million men in the world suffer from erectile dysfunction; 2.3 million of them live in Great Britain.

Treatment of erectile dysfunction can includes psychotherapy, drugs, vacuum devices, surgical methods, and regularly reading Playboy magazine.

The most popular way of treatment is with established drugs and one of the most popular is Sildenafil citrate. Since its release in 1998, 23 million men have used it.

Results of current research shows that the reasons for erectile dysfunction in men 35 years old or younger are psychological in 75 % of cases. For comparison, only 10% of sexual failures in men 50 years or older are connected with the psychological reasons.


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